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A honed finish on a slab will not look as shiny as a polished finish and will also lack the reflective nature seen on polished slabs.
Honed surfaces give the stone smooth and gloomy finish. Scratches are also less noticeable which makes this a great choice for marble. 



Brushing the surface of the slab with metal rotary brushes creates an antique finish to the stone. This gives the stone a textured look and feel since the brushing erodes all the softer particles on the surface, the surface will be fairly smooth.



Polished is the most popular type of finish for granite countertops, and for good reason. If you’re looking to enhance the rich colours of your granite stone, polished is the way to go. They’re high-gloss and give off a light-reflecting shine. Polished granite finishes are the easiest to maintain. Since it is the least porous of the different finishes.

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