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Experienced Craftsmanship

DPS COUNTERTOPS is a family owned and operated stone fabrication company since 2008. With  thousands of projects completed, winners of Homestars Best 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, certification from Caesarstone Canada and Laminan Porcelain, you can rest assure we have the experience to deliver a top notch product EVERY TIME

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Custom Stone


DPS COUNTERTOPS has set the standard in the areas of quality, innovation and customer care in the stone surfacing industry. The bottom line to all of our projects: we are not satisfied until you are.

Green Environment

DPS COUNTERTOPS ensures that your project is completed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Digital Templating – When we measure for your custom made countertop, we use a digital measuring device. This means that we don’t have any waste by having to create a cardboard, plastic or wooden template. The digital measurements are uploaded directly to our CAD office to draw your space. Then, when it’s time to cut your countertop, the CAD specialists send the file electronically to our CNC machine operators.

Water Recycling System – We operate our machines with 100% recycled water. That’s right, we have our own internal water filtration system! Nothing gets put back into the sewers. We filter and reuse every ounce of water!


Air Filtration –  Our polishing area is fully enclosed and equipped with a state of the art “waterfall” air purifying system. Again, our air purifying system uses recycled water to capture air borne dust particles created during the stone polishing process.  There are two very important reasons why our system is fully enclosed. First, this minimizes the exposure of air borne particles to staff. Second, the majority of air borne dust is captured and recycled as opposed to “off gassed” to the environment.


We Are Authorized Dealers For Some Big Names

Our commitment is to provide quality, efficiency, and timely delivery, With our established network for service, supplies and resources, we can offer extremely competitive pricing

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